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Album Review: Julian Lennon – Everything Changes

Artist: Julian Lennon
Album: Everything Changes
Label: Ais
Genre: Rock
Released: October 2011
Rating: 3 of 5

It must be hard to follow in the foot steps of someone like John Lennon but Julian is trying to do just that. His music is fairly generic contemporary\soft rock. I found there was a slow, uninterrupted meter to the songs that made them a bit predictable for my tastes. At the best of times I was reminded of Seal with tracks including Everything Changes and Disconnected. The latter of which had a somewhat exotic sound to which Never Let You Go shared. Just For You managed to pull off a decent chorus because of the guitar and bass mostly. I found the vocals always had that slow pace like someone dragging their heels. It’s not all that bad I suppose but it is fairly consistent.

Essential Tracks: Just For You, Disconnected

2 Responses to “Album Review: Julian Lennon – Everything Changes”

  1. It’s wonderful- mellow- melody- which is ONE of his dimensions, some experimentation (which is good) however, I think he’s multi-facited and has more-could show more sides- like his rockin’ side which wakes me up from a coma that I’ve been in for several years! Remember “I get up” I listen to that instead of drinking coffee do my work. We (our culture) needs your talent and wisdom Jules- keep working- wonderful but I’d like to see more variations of you.
    MIX IT UP a bit!

    Happy New Years Jules and “THANK YOU” Don’t wait soooooo long!!!

  2. As a musician/artist, Julian is a contemporary with the likes of Elton John, David Bowie and Billie Joel, he has no other equals. Being contrasted with a dead legend….well, thats just it, he could never win, probably a good thing, I mean not to wind up like JFK jr. We shouldn’t feel bad for him, we should just be happy John’s son is probably writing songs as good as or better than John would be..who can say? Stand firm in the faith Jules

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